Gramps Web: research & organize your family tree together

Gramps Web is a web app for collaborative genealogy. It is based on and interoperable with Gramps, the leading open source genealogy desktop application. Gramps Web is open source software and puts your privacy and your control of your research data first.

Open Demo

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  • Browse all objects in your family tree: people, families, events, places, repositories, sources, citations, media objects, and notes
  • Two different interactive pedigree views
  • Display all places on an interactive, searchable map
  • Blog section with blog articles stored in Gramps
  • Switch the language of the interface between any of 40 languages
  • Multi-user system with different levels of permissions
  • Edit all objects collaboratively and add new objects
  • Fully responsive & mobile friendly
  • Export the tree as Gramps XML or GEDCOM from the web interface
  • Import a tree (in Gramps XML or GEDCOM format)
  • Generate any report supported by Gramps from the web interface
  • Synchronize with your local Gramps database and use Gramps desktop in parallel
  • Tag people in photos with automatic face detection