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Development setup

This page describes the steps needed to start with frontend development. It is assumed that you are using Ubuntu Linux.

Install Node.js

To get started, install Node.js with nvm:

nvm install node

Clone the repository

Clone the Gramps.js repository

git clone
cd Gramps.js

Install development dependencies

To install all dependencies, run

npm install
at the repository's root.

Start the backend

To see Gramps Web live in action, you need a running Gramps Web API backend where the frontend can fetch its data from.

If you have followed the setup steps for backend development, this can be achieved with a command like

python3 -m gramps_webapi --config path/to/config run --port 5555

A backend at a different location can be used during development by changing the __APIHOST__ variable in api.js.

Run the frontend in development mode

You can now run the frontend with

npm run start